Wawancara dengan Prof. Google

Siapa yang tidak kenal Prof.Google? Siswa SD hingga mahasiswa doktoral memanfaatkan jasanya sebagai sumber ilmu pengetahuan di era post modern ini. Meskipun kita hampir tiap hari berhubungan dengannya, sosok sebenarnya tetaplah merupakan sebuah misteri. Wawancara ini terbilang eksklusif karena selama ini Prof. Google memang cukup tertutup dan tidak pernah memberi wawancara langsung. Berikut ini wawancara eksklusif seorang wartawan dengan Prof. Google di kediamannya di Silicon Valley.

Journalist (J) : It’s a pleasure to have you with us, Mr. Google. How is everything going?

Google (G) : Frankly, not so well…I feel a little bit exhausted lately…my therapist also told me to take some rest.


J : How come?

G : Well, I hardly have some time left to take a rest. I work 24/7 without having the privilege of taking a leave or vacation. It’s pretty ironic actually..I haven’t even got the chance to watch the movies or read the books that I’ve reviewed so far. I can’t even remember when I went to cinema the last time. Funny is that I do remember the schedule for today though…

J : Have you actually foreseen this? I mean, have you ever expected that your work would have such a big impact on people’s life? And on the whole world itself?

G : No. At first, all I wanted to do was to create a simple database. Some kind of Yellow Pages for the Internet. Oh my, had I known that it would become such a big matter and a tremendous part of life these days. The worst is that I don’t even see an end to it all. People are putting their lives on my work. I guess to some extent, we must ask ourselves where this is all going and where it’s supposed to go. Because honestly, even I can not keep up with it. The pace is just frightening.

J : What do you mean by ‘the pace is frightening’?

G : It is frightening because it seems that people have no clue when to put the brakes on. I mean, it is ok to use me as a search engine. But people are really pushing it too hard. Every single second and minute, they’re putting new information and new material into me…And taking it simultaneously from me. Not that I’m complaining. I know it’s my job as a search engine. And I don’t have any complaints actually. The money is good. But what really bothers me is that people are starting to get helpless without me. It’s like I’m the only source of information. It’s like people are extracting their whole life into me. Call me conservative but sometimes I do long for the old days…The good days, when me and the other buddies went to the library and browsed with bare hands and not with the keyboard. This is just one example. Don’t ask me for the tons of other ones. Sometimes I pity my work as a search engine.

J : But isn’t this exactly what the Internet was meant to provide? A revolution in technology and means of communication…to help people to connect to others? Isn’t this exactly what we are hoping for from globalization?

G :Being ‘globalized’ was actually meant to have a positive effect. But now…you are actually trapped in something that you call freedom, just for the safe feeling of it. You’re putting your life on a line called broadband. You’re resizing yourself and your environment into bytes and pixels. I don’t know…maybe it’s only because I’m exhausted and fed up. But have a thought of it. My work has only created an endless labyrinth. People will eventually get trapped and lost in it. Sure, my work has certainly helped a lot of people. But come on, I’m only human. I also make some mistakes and experience failures… What if I suddenly collapse and the whole system shuts down? Who will you ask for help? What do you think will happen then? My point is pretty simple: Don’t depend too much on me. Don’t be part of a big irony. There are lots of stories that I can relate to. For instance, my neighbor lost his dog few weeks ago. And now, all he is doing is googling for it on the net. And also, my youngest nephew knows a cow from the net. Gosh, I even heard stories about people looking for their lost car keys on the net. You know what, I even believe that short term memory less has A LOT to do with your activities on the net. And by the way, who do you think are the real beneficiaries of globalization?

J : People always say that “Google” has changed everything. It revolutionized our life, our way of thinking. It created new horizons instead of just expanding them. What do you say to that?

G : Yes. I certainly agree. But let me give you another perspective: Google has challenged my belief in almost everything. I am not the master of my own knowledge anymore. The flow of information has become massive and distorted. Authors have become ghosts, and texts are turning into graveyards. And Youtube has detached me from reality. The whole world has become a simulacrum, life and its meaning has diminished into signs and symbols. People have forgotten, and neglected, the importance of something called process.

J : It’s quite a surprise that you share such a critical perspective on the Internet. And even on your own work. Now Mr. Google, excuse me for getting out of the context, but what is it that you actually do in your spare time?

G : I guess reading. Actually I’m a big fan of civilization history. They’re my favourite websites. And as far as I’ve read, it is nothing new to mankind to get beaten by the systems that they’ve created. Money is a good example. I don’t know…maybe…maybe it’s just another case with the Internet…History will eventually repeat itself.

J : We’ve come to our last question. Do you have a favourite website?

G : This is a difficult one…Wait…there is one particular site that I always bear in mind. It’s http://sosiologilakali.blogpsot.com . Isn’t that the one where you will publish this interview?

Terinspirasi oleh seorang teman bernama Radnan. Terima kasih atas ‘racun’nya.

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  1. Wicked!! (saudaranya sarap.com)Ya, memang menakutkan dunia kita sekarang ini. Mencari kunci mobil yg hilang via internet? Hahaha.. keren! Sekalipun ironis..Hmmm.. gue akui kalau gue lebih butuh akses internet ketimbang kendaraan pribadi (emang gak punya :p). Tp kemewahan2 spt bau koran pagi, refleks membalik halaman2 buku, dan menulis dgn tangan gak ada tandingannya! Itu sebabnya gue dgn pacar dan bbrp org teman menggiatkan surat2an.. 🙂

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