It is a Suicide Machine

The idea of suicide is not a strange one in this city. In fact, the city itself is going suicidal.The spirit of life may be in its highest form, but it is illuminating. What you need to see from this city are not the center stages, not the skyrocketing towers. What you have to ask yourself is what happens behind the sliding doors and beneath the basement.

Doping is the most appropriate word to describe an unsustainable way of building a city that has become uncivilized in many aspects. Because this city has always been high, if you know what I mean. Development only took place due a high dose of loans, hot money and financial capital that circulates in the elite.


A German sociologist used to classify suicide in two basic forms; an altruistic suicide and an egoistic suicide. Both forms show that the individual is basically influenced and dependent from its society, from its surroundings. But if a city is committing suicide, then it is merely a sign of society’s failure. A failure to realize and grasp in what state or condition most of the inhabitants of the imagined common space called city actually live in.

The whole suicidal process is captured in our daily activities. Traffic is just like the arteries in our body. What would possibly happen if it fails to work? But then again, traffic itself is a slaughter field. The increasing number of traffic accidents pictures perfectly how a city effectively diminishes its own members. Your helmet is no different than that of a soldier who goes to war. And a motorcycle is no different than a tank.

Pouring rain is normally considered a blessing. But in this city. It is a warning sign. Flood is an illness that never gets cured, no matter which doctor you’re going to. Only in this city, water can become life taking, in its ugliest form.

The real suicidal process is a psychological one. It proceeds in our minds, and in this case, in the minds of the self righteous people of this city. Jakarta, as they call this city, is a snake that tries to eat its tail. The residents of Jakarta are living in a chase which is never ending. And somewhere between catching the bus and waiting for payday, people eventually get lost. Not knowing where to run, and whom to ask for help or to put trust into, life becomes a set of monopoly. The real value of life becomes materially determined, and has to be socially recognized. Jakarta is a case of illogic. The whole city becomes a big baloney.

And only by using this sense one could understand the current suicide cases by jumping off in a mall. To me, jumping off a mall has a rather symbolic meaning. It portraits a kind of mockery, and symbolizes a huge irony in which we live in. Malls are the pyramids of modernization. They are the statue of economic success. But when one celebrates death and nihilism in it, do we still worship a mall like we used to?

To me, the current suicide acts only confirm the chronic illness from which our society cannot get rid of. Selfishness, ignorance, self-righteousness, intolerance, strive for instant material success, greed, arrogance are the ingredients which are easily to find in this city. Our heads are time bombs, whereas the mind is a blank space. And I mean, really blank.

The suicide of the city is still going on. The only real solution is getting out of it. Which seems to be easier said than done.

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